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1. General Guarantee of Lars Laj Playgrounds

5 years: Against failure due to material and components defects, hot-galvanized metal parts
like chains, posts etc, plastic parts, ropes- net construction.
We offer 5 years guarantee for wooden parts of PARK EQUIPMENT functional strength,
which are oil impregnated once a year.
10 years: guarantee for functional strength of W2W foundation. High durability of oak used
by us to produce our wooden foundation ensures their long- lasting.
Functional strength of wooden parts preserved by oil impregnation once a year in PIONEER,
Functional strength of steel foundation in PIONEER, DISCOVERY, PARK EQUIPMENT.
The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, surface corrosion on metal parts,
discolored surfaces, or frailer due to misuse, or vandalism.
15 years: Functional strength of hot dip galvanized metal parts in ATLANTIS,
15 years guarantee for functional strength of steel foundation. The warranty is limited to parts
covered by the warranty.
20 years: Lifetime expected for PIONEER, DISCOVERY, NATUR PLAY, PARK
30 years: Lifetime expected for ATLANTIS, WONDERLAND, STAND ALONE, STREET

2.Guarantee conditions.

The guarantee covers the durability of the components used in Lars Laj products. The
guarantee period starts with the day of delivery from the factory.

3.Replacement of faulty parts.

The guarantee covers the free delivery of spare parts to the warehouse of the retail dealer in
question. Faulty parts have to be replaced by Lars Laj components. The inspection of delivery
has to be done before installation and possible damage has to be informed to our contact
person immediately.

4.Application of guarantee

The guarantee will only apply under the condition that the product has been installed and
maintained correctly according to the instructions administrated by Lars Laj Playgrounds.

5.The guarantee does not cover

The guarantee does not cover wear, tear, splintering, inappropriate use and vandalism. The
guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear, surface corrosion of the metal parts,
discolored surfaces, light fading or deformation of the wood, other cosmetic issues and faults
inducted by use, time or vandalism.