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Lars Laj corporate social responsibility

The theory of Corporate Social Responsibility encourages corporations to take notice not only of the economic and financial dealings in a company, but also the social and environmental consequences.

Lars Laj is leading proactive advocates for recognizing the value of corporate social responsibility within a business. Our company strives to maintain the balance between financial success and environmentally responsible practices. We work to control and reduce volatile air emissions through pollution prevention programs, and obey all environmental laws, as well as work to protect natural resources by using materials, energy and water efficiently.

Lars Laj has also taken a stand to preserve endangered timber areas. The company has pledged to give preference to wood that has come from forests managed in a responsible way and to eliminate wood purchases from endangered regions of the world.

Another aspect of the Corporate Social Responsibility in our company, is to involve our employees in a corporate policy which explicitly terms child labour as unacceptable – both in our company’s own operations and throughout the supply chain. By including a clause in our company’s contract with suppliers or other parties with whom it wishes to collaborate that child labour is prohibited we also specify what this prohibition means in practice.

We do make binding agreements with suppliers to ensure that they, in turn, make sure their suppliers and sub-contractors meet the same standard.

Increased commitment towards men and women equality in our company this is priority. We promote equality on the labour market and equal economic independence for women and men, the principle of equal pay for equal work or work of equal value, equality in decision-making, dignity. We are a manufacturing company, even though over 35% of all Lars Laj employees are women!

Our Company employs the disabled people. We try to improve the conditions of working, training, integration, development and job retention. Our work teams learn to work with people that are different, whatever their differences may be, integrating disabled people with severe difficulties often has positive consequences on workers’ behavior and product manufacturing.

The conclusion is that our priority is to develop the process for environmental stewardship and sensitivity to social issues.

We take pride in meeting the benchmarks under the CSR. We will continue our efforts in this direction.